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Super Fast Sewing Tips, with special thanks to Sulky

All Hemmed Up:
the Double-Needle Hem spent the afternoon making a great knit top to wear out tonight you are almost ready to wear it out this evening. All you need is a great looking hem for the finishing touch. Luckily, you have options!

Turned & Stitched
Simple, simple! Turn up the hem of the garment the recommended amount stated on the pattern, and pin. Set your machine for a straight stitch or a small zigzag. Stitch the turned-up hem to the garment, making sure you are near the edge of the hem. With scissors, trim close to the stitching, making for a neat finish inside the garment.

Double Needle Hem
This one is easy too, but gives you a little more of a "ready-to-wear" fashion look, because you'll use a double needle. So, turn up the hem, as in the first step above. Then load your machine with a double needle. This is actually two needles on one shank; the shank will fit into your machine the same way a regular needle fits. You'll also need to thread your machine, on top, with two spools of thread, threading each thread through a separate needle. Depending on the fabric, you may need to loosen the tension. Try stitching on a sample of the fabric first to determine whether you need to loosen it. Only use a straight stitch with a double needle, no zigzag. That's it. Ready-made style, just use the right needle.

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